martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

31 Wishes

At the front door of my house. Love autumn season. 
      Today is my 31st birthday and I can not believe that I am that old. When I was a little I would hear people in their thirties and forties and I would think “they are super old” but I don't feel old at all. I guess I am young at heart and that is what matters. 

There are so many things I am thankful for. I was listening to my sons Chris and Zach talk. They were talking about gravity. Zach was telling Chris “Look at me Chris(while jumping on the bed) gravity pulls me up, gravity pulls me down” Chris looked at him while sipping his juice and said “Zach, gravity only pulls you down” and Chris was right. after that I tucked them into bed and Zach wanted to read a book about Manatees before going to sleep. Another sweet time was when I asked Zach what he was watching and he told me “cobras videos” (It was documentaries about cobras) I asked “are you afraid of cobras, Zach?” he replied back “no, because they don't live in California” and he was right. It is always sweet to listening to their conversations. I love their desire to learn and grow in knowledge. They are super smart. I love my boys! And while I type this the little Einstens are watching Sponge Bob. I still consider them super smart. 

I am also thankful that Ryan and Jake are fully potty trained and off the bottle. So that means that no more diapers or feeding during the night time. I thought this was never going to happen. But it did and sooner than I anticipated. When we were in Ecuador visiting my family the boys did not like the milk so they were not wanting their bottles anymore. When we got back to the States they were just drinking from cups and no more bottles. So that helps me and my husband with pleasant nights of sleep. And I don't have to buy anymore diapers. I still cant believe I can walk through the babies aisle at the grocery store and I do not need to buy a box of diapers. Is it time for another baby? {Naaahh!! I was just kidding} My four boys are the exact amount of kids I needed, no more, no less. Very thankful for them and this new season of no diapers and no bottles anymore. I love my boys, did I
All my boys at Pacific Beach 
already share that? 

I love my hubby and I am thankful for him. He is the person God designed for me and I was designed for him. I can say our relationship draws us closer to the Lord. I have been married to him for eight and a half years. On my birthday I am thankful for our Christ-centered marriage. Something that made me fall in love with my guy was his blue eyes and many other things, it is a long list. Anyways, at the end the day, the best of us is because of Jesus-Christ in our hearts and I definitely don't want it any other way. 
But the main thing I am thankful for is Jesus. I am thankful He is my savior. He is my fortress and rock and He loves me and nothing can separate me from His love. The older I get the more real this is to me. I think without Him I could not appreciate fully His grace and many blessings in my life. His love for me impacts the way I love my family. I can love them well because of Jesus living in my heart and my relationship with Him. I want to follow Him forever!  

Well.....I am ready to blow my candles and make my 31 wishes. 

“Now you’ve got my feet on the life path, all radiant from the shining of your face. Ever since you took my hand,  I’m on the right way.” 
Psalm 16:11

Thank you Jesus, 

© Carla Delgado Sparks

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